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Jun 28, 2021

Nerd Herd Podcast #069 - Don't swallow AirPods

This week we are again LIVE in Clubhouse (without Amy -AGAIN!) and we settle on our BIG "Podluck" in Austin on Saturday, July 17. We don't know exactly where but Eddie and Sarah are on it. Greg jumps the shark with a 43" super ultra wide-screen for the home office, rumors...

Jun 21, 2021

Nerd Herd Podcast #068 - Mac and Cheese

This week we are again LIVE in Clubhouse (without Amy) and Eddie explains all the issues he had roaming the southwest in his Tesla last week, Greg and Amy connected in Pittsburgh and she gave a Model S a brief test drive, we recap what we are currently binging on streaming...

Jun 14, 2021

Nerd Herd Podcast #067 - Protect My Stuff

This week we are again LIVE in Clubhouse (without Eddie) and we try to plan the upcoming Podluck in Austin. We then jump into personal security and boil the ocean with 2FA and one password managers. Finally we talk some crypto as Greg dips his toes into the water... finally!

Jun 7, 2021

Nerd Herd Podcast #066 - Test Drive

This week we are live again in Clubhouse. Amy describes her EV and Hybrid car short-listing process. Fresh questions about Tesla's ability to achieve Level 5 vehicle autonomy arise again this week. We also talk about the role of disaster recovery in ransomware attacks and wrap up on...